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New - NBE Floor Level Tilter

New - NBE Floor Level Tilter

New - NBE Floor Level Tilter
(2 units available)
Model: 29-950
S/N: Stock-3
Wand Holder

115V / 1 PH / 60Hz

Location: Indoor

Capacity: Bin up to 2,500 lbs in the load position

The 43 psi precision regulator allows lifting to begin at approx.. 900 lbs to avoid material spillage. The footprint of the system is approx. 71" wide x 52" deep in the load position and 72" wide x 80" deep when in the maximum tilt position.

Load Design: The container is loaded, at floor level, into the 46.5" w x 46.5"d bucket of the tilter. The pivot bucket is designed to accommodate containers up to 48" square x approx. 60" tall. 

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